Updates the details of Schedule and Program(PDF) at 22 July.
All session except the English session is performed in Japanese.

1.Oral session

Presenter speaks with PC and PCprojector by oral or alternative device.
Include English session for RESNA, AAATE, ARATA, RESKOmembers.

2.Special Speech

*Keynote Speech(Public presentation by Japanese language)
Iwate Medical University
Dr. AKIRA Ogawa

*Special Speech(Public presentation by Japanese language)
Saito Seika Co.,Ltd. Preseident and CEO

*Short seminar(Public presentation by Japanese language)
Basic rehabilitation engineering seminar by SIG(Special Interest Group).
About wheelchair, Prosthesis & Orthosis, self-help devices.

3 Interactive session

Presenter and participant exchanges opinions each other by poster notice and demonstration.

4 Evening Session

From an evening after the session end, Presenter and chairperson, participants talk frankly with easy atmosphere.

5 Contest of Assistive Technologies

Display a primary selection passage works for contest of assistive technologies.

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