The 24th Japanese Conference on the Advancement of Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology


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August@26-28, 2009@Saitama JAPAN
National Rehabilitation Center For Persons with Disabilities (NRCD)

President of the 24th JCAART
@Motoi SUWA(Director of Research Institute, NRCD)

Chair, Exective Committee of the 24th JCAART
@Tekenobu INOUE(Director of dept. of Assistive Technology, Research Institute, NRCD)

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24th JCAART Flying - towards usersf real lives and real needs - No gtiesh, No gDr.h ! .

It is our pleasure to host the 24th JCAART in Tokorozawa. We decided gFlyingh as a theme of this conference because Tokorozawa used to have the first built airport in Japan. Our rehabilitation center was built just on this area 30 years ago. We need to think where to fly. We think that we must learn usersf real lives and real needs, again. In this conference, we set many sessions and events contributed by users; Panel Discussion g Rehabilitation Engineering towards usersf real lives and real needs", Usersf Sessions (21 users make presentations), Debrief Session on National Survey of Actual Conditions of Quadriplegics, Coffee Serve by children with developmental disabilities and Products presentation by persons with younger dementia. Letfs think about rehabilitation engineering and assistive technologies in next generation.
JCAART has unique policy since the beginning; No gtiesh, No gDr.h. In order to discuss on an equal footing, we donft wear ties or business suits, also we donft call gDr. `g each other in this conference. Please give us your cooperation.

Motoi Suwa, President of the 24th JCAART
Takenobu Inoue, Chair, Executive Committee of the 24th JCAART

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For Approved Presenter


An applicant must belong to RESJA, RESNA, AAATE, ARATA, or RESKO
If you are not a member of one of these societies, please feel free to contact us, as we are very interested to have you join us."

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Main Program

Following program will be held in Japanese except International Session

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Program (PDF file(909KB) Ver.8/3)
Special Program (PDF file(18KB) Ver.8/3)
Users' Session (PDF file(16KB) Ver.8/3)
NRCD Tour (PDF file(16KB) Ver.8/3)

All Days (PDF file(20KB) Ver.8/3)
Aug. 26(Wed.) (PDF file(18KB) Ver.8/3)
Aug. 27(Thu.) (PDF file(34KB) Ver.8/3)
Aug. 28(Fri. ) (PDF file(29KB) Ver.8/3)

Registration Form for Participation in Corporate Seminars (Word file(41KB) Ver.8/11)

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Hotel Information and Reservation

Please send E-Mail to (JTB-Kanto Tatsuo Tanobe)
TEL 048-650-0205/4321 ext. 6817
FAX 048-650-0345

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Early registration

The deadline for early registration is Aug. 7(Fri), 2009

For the early registration, please send your name, address and affiliation to the conference secretariat (
And then, you will get an e-mail with a registration No.
Please show the copy of the e-mail with the registration No. at the conference reception, and you can get 1000 yen discount.

We were going to accept credit card payment for the early registration, but it became impossible. We appreciate your cooperation for the conference fee payment by cash on the day. Sorry for the inconvenience.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Early registration Regular/ ON-Site registration Abstract Book
(On or Before Aug. 7) (On or After Aug. 8)
Non-Member 3-DAYS 14,000JPY 15,000JPY
1-DAY \ 5,000JPY \
Student,People with disabilities 3-DAYS 7,000JPY 8,000JPY
1-DAY \ 3,000JPY \

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(C) The 24th JCAART, 2009