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August 26-28,2010,SENDAI Japan
At Sendai City Industrial Plaza (AER 5th floor & 6th floor)
President,The 25th JCAART
(Professor,Tohoku Institute of Technology)

Chair,Exective Committee of the 25th JCAART
Masato TOMOE
(CEO,Kurumaza Ltd.)

President,The 25th JCAART
(Professor,Tohoku Institute of Technology)
 The 25th JCAART in Sendai

The 25th JCAART in Sendai will be held for the second time in the Tohoku region in Japan. Sixteen years have passed since the 9th JCAART in Sendai. In the meantime, the circumstances and consciousness on assistive and rehabilitation technology have changed widely. An advanced ageing society and changed living environment ask us about how to build a society where we can feel hope for our life.

 The theme of conference is “Join us in DATE,MIYAGI --- User-centered Assistive Technology for All.” It is set up by consensus of all the members of the Executive Committee. We will put a question on how assistive and rehabilitation technology can improve our living environment and provide us with something that we can easily understand and easily use.

We expect to discuss together the professional viewpoints of assistive technology and daily living viewpoints, and that a new approach will be started. We hope that many questions will be discussed between the participants from those who work in medical nursing care and rehabilitation medical service fields, to those who work in business, research and study in colleges and live in the city.

This conference will be opened at the end of summer in Sendai. Please enjoy the air and the bounty of the sea and the land in Sendai. We want this conference to be productive by the kind efforts of the members of the JCAART, participants from overseas, students, and citizens, and organizations and companies who are sponsoring the conference.

We sincerely appreciate your support.
                                  January, 2010 good day

Theme Join us in DATE,MIYAGI
User-centerd Assistive Technology
for All


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