Activities of RESJA

Activities of the RESJA Conference

The JCAART (Japanese Conference of Advancement on Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology) has been held annually since 1986. The presented papers are distributed in the wide range of the rehabilitation field. The participants of the recent conference numbered over 700 from all over the districts in JAPAN and a few number from Asia. International Symposium The society sponsored the Rehabilitation Engineering International Seminar in 1988 at Yokohama , 1990 at Nagoya and 1992 at Kobe in conjunction with other organization, on the special topics in rehabilitation engineering field.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

These are 10 SIGs , and each of them is actively working in the meetings and publications.

  • Communication
  • Seating
  • Wheelchair
  • Automobile
  • Self Help Devices
  • Education
  • House Design
  • Transfer Aids
  • Devices to Prevent Pressure Sore
  • Prosthetists and Orthotists


Instructional Course Lectures (ICL)

The ICLs have been held with the JCAART. The content of each ICIL is related with the activity of the correspondent SIG.


The Journal of RESJA has been issued three times a year and will be issued four times a year from coming 2000. Publications The RESNA has the activity in publication for the clinicians in the rehabilitation field.

Contest for the Technical Aids

From 1989 , the society has annually held the Contest for the Technical Aids. The winners are awarded the prize of the RESJA at annual JCAART or HCR (International Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition in Japan).